Happy New Year from the Small Dreams Foundation! On January 1st, 2011, Brittney wrote a blog post about her New Year’s Resolutions which she coined as her “ResoLIST” (see her post here). This year, we remember Brittney through a few “ResoLIST” ideas for a more sustainable and healthy 2013:

  1. Start Recycling – Come on folks, it’s 2013. Every town and city offers a recycling program.
  2. Get Around Greener – Drive less, walk more, bike more, use public transportation more, carpool more.
  3. Eat and Shop Local – Support local restaurants (especially those that feature local ingredients), coffee shops, farmers markets, and CSAs (find yours here).
  4. Dispose of Less – Invest in reusable alternatives for plastic water bottles, grocery bags, plastic utensils, paper coffee cups, paper towels, etc.
  5. Meatless Mondays – Consuming fewer animal products significantly decreases your carbon footprint.

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